Prospective Students

Middle & High School Students


This section of the website is devoted to students who should be starting from as early as their year 9/10 to prepare for college applications.

Please check the following proposed time frame to help you prepare for our requirements.


Students in Grade 9/10


  • Get in touch with your school counselor: Most schools in Qatar and the region have a devoted, experienced counselor who can help you identify your career options. The counselor will start a file to track your academic progress, and you will be able to discuss your future career plans as well as the subjects that will qualify you for application in your intended college. While we look for students with a strong academic standing across all subjects, but basic sciences, math and English are particularly important for your application to the Six-Year Medical Program at WCM-Q.

  • Start exploring the admissions requirements: It is very important for students to look at the Admissions Requirements for the Six-Year Medical Program as early as Grade 10. Special emphasis is given to standardized tests such as SAT/ACT, TOEFL/IELTS  especially if your school does not prepare you to take such tests. You can start while in grade 10 by looking at how the test is structured, its content and perhaps take the PSAT  test or PSSS. If English is your weak point, you can improve greatly by reading English, watching English movies and perhaps enrolling in an English support program offered by a trusted provider. For standardized tests offered in Qatar, check HBKU Testing Services.

  • Select the most challenging courses your school is offering: In general, during the last semester of Grade 10, you will be required to select your subjects for year 11. Regardless of the educational system you are enrolled in, it is essential to remember that the sciences and math are important for your future study at the medical college. We highly recommend students select the most challenging courses or programs their school is offering in these subjects. In other words, if your school is offering an advanced level course (especially biology, chemistry and math), you are highly encouraged to enroll in these courses. If you are planning on taking external tests (AP, IB2, A Levels etc.), please ensure you select at least two sciences and one math course.

  • Extra-curricular activities: Whether you start a new activity or continue with an old one, it is important to note that extra-curricular activities reflect your engagement as an active member in your community. Whether you choose an activity that is strictly relevant to medicine or not is not important. The number of community service hours does not matter as much as the benefits you draw out of it. You will be required to list and describe these activities on your application when you apply to WCM-Q. It is worth checking the sections of our website announcing the different outreach activities that the Office of Student Outreach & Educational Development organizes on a yearly basis and register to attend some of them.

Students in Grade 11 (Juniors)


  • Reinforce your links with your science/math teachers and your school counselor: Your teachers and school counselor will be asked to write reference letters to accompany your application. They need to write about your points of strength and need to know more about your motivation to pursue medicine. Ask your teachers and counselors if they would be willing to write you reference letters and go through your academic achievements with them. Ask them to update your file accordingly.

  • Register for standardized tests: Grade 11 is a good year to start working on your standardized tests. Taking the tests for the first time will give you a benchmark so you can judge whether you will need to take them again, register for a test preparatory course or manage only through self-study. Compare your test scores when they are out with our published average scores that you can find on the Frequently Asked Questions of the Admissions section.

  • Improve your performance in your internal and external tests: Your school transcripts in Grade 10, 11 and 12 will be required when you apply for the Six-Year Medical Program. Ensure that your performance is progressing across all subjects and work harder to achieve higher results on both internal and external tests.

  • Get in touch with the Office of Student Outreach & Educational Development: Call a student Outreach & Educational Development officer to schedule an appointment. Prepare all the questions you have in mind about the program, requirements and other pressing questions. Our officers will be happy to welcome you during the spring when it is easier to book an appointment. Also, always check the activities that are offered by the Office of Student Outreach & Educational Development, especially the Open Houses hosted every Thursday in the fall, and every other Thursday in the spring.

Students in Grade 12 (Seniors)


  • Start an online application: The online application is available in early September, however always check the application timeline. Although you technically have until February 1st to submit your electronic application, it is highly advisable to start working on your application as early as possible. Make sure you review the required documentations available on the Admissions Requirements section of this website that need to be submitted before March 1st.

  • Work on your personal statement: As part of your application, you will be requested to include a personal statement. Working on refining your writing might require some time and guidance. Ensure that you have followed the instructions on the Personal Statement section of your application. For tips on writing a personal statement, check Personal Statement Tips

  • Review test dates and register for the test: Whether you intend to re-take a test or are taking it for the first time, it is important to check the test dates and location to register for the test. You need to factor in the time needed for your scores to reach us, as some scores take between four to six weeks to be reported. Please note that Education City offers "residual" tests. For more information on residual tests, kindly check the HBKU website.

  • Talk to your teachers/school counselors about your reference letters: Follow up with your teachers and counselor about the reference letters you want them to complete for you. The forms that need to be filled in are already available on the application. There are two types of reference forms: a paper and an electronic form and both of these are acceptable. There are clear instructions on the application concerning the two types. Please read and follow these instructions carefully.

  • Complete your application and requested documents: Review your application well ahead of time, and only submit it if you think it contains all the requested information. The application is designed in such a way to provide a checklist of all the required components. Please remember that the deadline for submission of the online application is February 1st; however, if your application is ready well before this date, it is advisable to go ahead and submit the application. The same is applicable for your documents. Should these be ready to be submitted well ahead of the deadline, you can go ahead and submit them to the Office of Admissions, knowing that the last date for documents submission is March 1st. Please remember that only completed files will be processed.