Prospective Students

Qatar Aspiring Doctors Program (QADP)


The Qatar Aspiring Doctors Program (QADP)

This is a is a year-long program offered to high schools in Qatar, by nomination only. The program aims to help high school students in the following manner:

  • Help students reach the academic level required to successfully apply to WCM-Q
  • Provide a customized plan to reach the students' academic goals
  • Uses a multitude of tools including online, face to face, on-site, and hands-on activities
  • Is an ongoing program that can fit with the students' school and summer schedules
  • Suits the student’s individual academic level and targets specific achievements

Subjects covered in this program:

The program includes the following components and is designed to fit with school schedules, as it uses a multitude of tools including online, face-to-face sessions, and hands on activities:

  • Physical sciences
  • Biology
  • Introduction to College Writing
  • College Reading Skills
  • Research skills

Target audience for the QADP:

The students should be nominated by their schools, based on their academic achievements during their school years, mainly in the sciences and math. Nomination is based on the following criteria:

  • A very good academic standing in English, math, biology, and chemistry in their previous and current academic years
  • A keen interest to explore a career in medicine
  • Be enrolled in high schools in Qatar in grades 10, 11 or 12
  • Priority is given to Qatari students