Dropping and Adding Clinical Courses and Clerkships

  1. Is it possible to add/drop a clinical rotation after I have been assigned a clerkship schedule?
    • We recognize that some students may need to reschedule a clinical rotation to meet their academic needs or residency aspirations. The process includes the following steps, which are explained further in the policy and this FAQ document:
    Action Time
    Consider scheduling options:
    - Consult QLearn
    - Consult/discuss with advisors in student affairs or medical education.
    Unlimited. Please note this period is not included in the timeline.
    Completed add/drop form submitted for verification to Office of the Registrar (OR) At least 45 days prior to the start of the first clinical rotation to be changed
    Submit add/drop form to the assistant dean clinical learning (ADCL) or senior associate dean for medical education (SADME) for review and approval Review and approval may take up to 15 days.
    ADCL or SADME submits signed and approved add/drop form to Office of the Registrar At least 30 days prior to the start of first clinical rotation to be changed

  2. What is the timeline to submit a request to add/drop a clinical rotation?
    • Processing any change must be reflcted on your schedule in Qlearn 30 days prior to the start of the first clinical rotation that you wish to add or drop. Therefore, consider your options, seeking advice from any of the advisors listed above, in a time frame that allows you to hand in an add/drop form for verification by the OR a minimum of 15 days prior to the 30-day process deadline.

  3. What if I have missed the deadline, can I still submit a request?
    • It is highly unlikely that a request past the deadline will be considered except in extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the associate dean for medical education.

  4. How do I submit my request to add/drop a clinical rotation? 
    • Obtain and complete the add/drop form. The form is available from the OR [http://qatar-weill.cornell.edu/current-students/download/Add-DropClerkship.pdf ]. Make sure to complete the form accurately, including the correct dates of all clerkship rotations you wish to add or drop. Consult the clerkship or course schedule information in QLearn or contact the OR for any help as needed.
    • If you choose to ‘drop’ a clinical clerkship rotation, ensure that you ‘add’ this clerkship at another time, as your request cannot be considered without this information.
    • The completed add/drop form must be verified by the OR in order to ensure the appropriate enrolment information.
    • Once verified, the form must be approved by the ADCL or SADME. If you have been instructed to meet with the ADCL or SADME, you must follow-up to schedule this meeting (See also #6).

  5. How should I seek guidance before I can complete and submit the add/drop form?
    Depending on the circumstances, the options open to you are:
    • Personal reasons - discuss with the academic counselors or the director of student affairs.
    • Career planning and residency - discuss with your residency advisor, faculty, or assistant/associate deans, and/or academic counselors.
    • Academic issues - discuss with the ADCL or the SADME, and/or academic counselors.
    In all cases, it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate person to avoid delays in meeting the 45-day submission deadline and the 30-day processing deadline for the signed approval on the add/drop form.

  6. I have verified my form with the Office of the Registrar. Do I need to do anything else? 
    • If you have been advised that you are required to meet with the ADCL or the SADME, you must make the appointment. Following up promptly will avoid delays in the approval process.
    • If you have been advised that you are not required to meet with the ADCL or SADME, you must submit the form to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline for the course.

  7. I am anxious about my request. Can I discuss this directly with the clerkship director? 
    • DO NOT contact clerkship directors directly about a request to add or drop a clinical rotation. This will be done for you.

  8. Is it feasible to submit multiple options to add or drop? 
    • You may submit more than one scheduling option stating clearly your order of preference. To do so, complete a separate form for each option, clearly listing all of the requested changes in rotations or courses for that option.

  9. What happens if a rotation is under or over-subscribed, or there are other students who are also requesting to add/drop the same rotations? 
    • The SADME will consider all requests based on the factual information provided, with a view to ensuring that the students receive the best clinical experience possible.
    • Multiple requests to add/drop the same clinical rotation will be considered in order of submission date of the add/drop form, and the meeting with the ADCL or SADME.

If you have any questions about the process, contact the OR for advice and guidance to avoid any unnecessary delays.