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High school students explore a career in medicine at WCM-Q

Visiting students on the WCM-Q Qatar Medical Explorer Program conducting an experiment in the lab.
Visiting students on the WCM-Q Qatar Medical Explorer Program conducting an experiment in the lab.

Students from high schools across Qatar have explored the possibility of a career in medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar (WCM-Q).

The 35 students – 26 girls and nine boys – all took part in the college’s Qatar Medical Explorer Program (QMEP), which was specifically designed to manage participants’ expectations about life as a medical student and a career in medicine.

Through lectures, laboratory experiments and workshops, the students are able to formulate a clearer idea of whether medicine is the right career for them, and what they can expect if they are accepted onto WCM-Q’s six-year medical program. They are taught by faculty members, speak to students and take anatomy classes and other lessons that are part of the medical curriculum.

Current WCM-Q medical students give the visiting high school students a lesson in anatomy.

Noof Mubarak Al-Khalifa, from Qatar Academy, was one of those on the program.

She said: “We participated in this course with the goal to learn more about medicine and college life and I think we have achieved those goals.

“It has been a fantastic, fun week full of learning and fun activities to do.

“We have benefited so much from the program and gained lots of information about medicine and college life. However, we are still continuing our journey as medical explorers.

“I would like to thank WCM-Q for providing us with such a beneficial program that will help us choose what we want to do in medicine.”

Along with learning about life at WCM-Q, the students also gained skills like critical thinking that they can use in other areas of their lives, whether they choose to pursue medicine as a career or not.

The visiting students learnt problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

The program took place in February and in all, students from 10 schools took part in the QMEP - Michael E DeBakey High School, Omar Bin Khattab Secondary School for Boys, Al Jazeera Academy, Academic Bridge Program, Qatar Academy, Doha British School, Park House English School, Gulf English School, Al Khor International School and Al Arqam Academy for Girls.

Noha Saleh, director of outreach and educational development at WCM-Q, said the QMEP, alongside the college’s other outreach programs, is a valuable tool for students looking to their future careers.

Ms. Saleh said: “With so many choices available it is vitally important that teenagers understand the subject options that are open to them, what colleges will expect of them, and whether they will be happy and successful in the careers they eventually choose.

“This cohort of QMEP participants has impressed everyone with their intellectual curiosity and their positive attitudes to learning and their future ambitions, and I hope that many of them will consider a career in medicine and apply to join WCM-Q.”

A total of 35 students from 10 schools took part in WCM-Q's Qatar Medical Explorer Program.

Visiting students conduct an experiment in the lab at WCM-Q.