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The articles in this section provide insights into health-related topics and are written by leading experts from Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar.

Increasing incidence of diabetes warrants immediate control English Arabic
World Diabetes Day focuses on the growing health threat of diabetes English Arabic
Obesity: Its assessment and control
Part I. Defining obesity and its risks English Arabic
Part II. Factors affecting body weight English Arabic
Part III. Losing and maintaining weight English Arabic
Heart disease
Ignoring life style choices is no longer an option English Arabic
Ten tips for a healthy heart English Arabic
Breast cancer
Breast cancer in MENA populations English Arabic
Smoking - addressing a national epidemic English Arabic
H1N1 flu
Plain talk about the H1N1 flu pandemic English Arabic
Mental health
A Q&A about the importance of mental health English Arabic
Eye health
A little prevention could help you see clearer, longer English Arabic
Heat stroke
Recognizing heat stroke: How our bodies' cooling mechanisms work English Arabic
Complimentary and alternative medicine
Therapeutic effects of humor and laughter English Arabic
Alternative, complementary and integrative medicine – what do they mean? English Arabic
Alternative, complementary and integrative medicine – what do they mean? English Arabic
Acupuncture for pain management English Arabic
What is cognitive behavior therapy? English Arabic
Alternative therapies gaining acceptance English Arabic
Integrative approach to cancer prevention English Arabic
Safety and effectiveness of herbal supplements English Arabic
Become an informed consumer of alternative medicine English Arabic
Helping patients and their families live with epilepsy English Arabic
Lifestyle changes have key role in controlling hypertension English
Eclampsia – a bolt from the blue (hypertension and pregnancy) English
General health care
The changing face of health care English Arabic