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High school students experience life at WCM-Q

The students came from afar as the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Germany and the UK.
The students came from afar as the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Germany and the UK.

A total of 68 students from 24 different nationalities explored their ambitions of becoming doctors as WCM-Q held its annual summer enrichment programs.

Students in years 10, 11 and 12 from schools across Qatar, as well as their peers at schools in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Germany and the UK, spent two weeks at WCM-Q, participating in either the Qatar Medical Explorer Program (QMEP) or the Pre-College Explorer Program (PCEP). The QMEP is aimed at students entering 10th and 11th grade, while the PCEP is for those entering 11th and 12th grade but both give prospective students a taste of life as a medical student.

Ahmed Al-Tamimi, who attends Omar Bin Khattab Independent School for Boys in Qatar, said the QMEP had clarified his career route. Ahmed said:

“I have always dreamed of being a doctor, but felt that my path was not clear. Now, after this program I am dedicated to become a doctor and overcome all obstacles.”

The programs allowed students to explore the prospect of a career in medicine through a challenging series of lectures, interactive clinical skills workshops, presentations and basic science lab sessions. The students also had the chance to discuss key issues in modern medicine with WCM-Q faculty.

The aim of both programs is to give students an accurate impression of life as a medical student at the college.

Lisa Joan Schiefer attends the English International School in Dusseldorf and was on the PCEP.

“Personally, I saw the program as a lifetime experience,” she said, “enabling me to receive an extensive and extraordinary insight in the medical profession, the study of medicine and the exceptional study conditions here at Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar.

“The two-week program provided a fascinating and unique opportunity to learn from top medics and lecturers as well as students and graduates of the faculty. The program broadened my horizon and strengthened my wish to pursue a medical career at WCM-Q.”

Both the QMEP and the PCEP ended on 27 July with a completion ceremony to which families were also invited.

Dr. Mohamud Verjee, associate professor of family medicine at WCM-Q, gave the keynote speech, urging the students to strive for success. He said:

"Seize the moment, work hard, and gain credit by merit. Surge forward with the focus on meritocracy. Mediocrity in medicine is unacceptable. Push yourself to the edge of capability, don’t hold back, but also be humble in your success. As you rise in status in society, be even more humble and never take anything as your right. You must strive for it, and it will often be a struggle, but you will overcome adversity if you are genuinely fuelled with your inner desire, with your heart and mind in synchrony.”

Finally, Shihab Al-Maawali, of Al-Sahwa School in Oman, said:

“Cornell’s Summer Program has been a unique experience for me. I had the privilege to discover myself as a person, and I also gained valuable knowledge of medicine.”