Psychiatry Clerkship

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Clerkship Overview

The Psychiatry Clerkship is a required 6-week clinical rotation. During their 3rd year, medical students will rotate through service sites at Psychiatry hospital and Hamad General hospital where they will spend 4 weeks in the inpatient service, one week in the C/L service and approximately one week participating in outpatient evaluations.

This is a hands-on experience whereby the students participate in the diagnostic evaluation and ongoing treatment of patients with varying psychiatric diagnoses and undergoing different modalities of treatment. All clinical activities are performed directly or indirectly under the supervision of at least one licensed psychiatrist.

The curriculum involves, in addition to the daily clinical rounds, several didactic lectures, a course in psychiatric interviewing, a course in case history presentation, an independent study (student seminar), and live video-conferenced teaching rounds with New York Cornell faculty (Professor’s Rounds). The student assessment is based on the overall clinical evaluation, the two courses participation, an oral exam and a written exam (the NBME). The final grade is marginal/passing, high pass or honors.

For more information and a detailed description of the clerkship, please refer to the Psychiatry Clerkship Syllabus.

Course Clerkship Director: Ziad Kronfol, MD 

Associate Clerkship Director: Hassan El-Amin, MD

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