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The Surgery Clerkship is an 8-week clinical rotation in General Surgery. Medical students are required to successfully pass it during their third year (M3), in order for them to graduate.

During their 3rd year, students will rotate through service sites at Hamad General Hospital and Al Wakra hospital where they will be exposed to inpatient, outpatient and emergent care for surgical patients. Students learn about “surgical” illnesses, diagnosis and plan for the care of patients who need surgery.

Each medical student will be assigned to a consultant or senior specialist in one of the teams. The student is expected to be present every day at “morning report meeting” from 7am - 8am. They are encouraged to perform pre-round on any assigned patient prior to morning report. At the end of “morning report”, the student will report to their respective assigned clinician and proceed to accompany them to that day’s activity. Activities will include OR, clinic or rounds.

The curriculum involves, in addition to the daily clinical rounds, several didactics lectures. The student assessment is based on the overall clinical evaluation, an oral exam, and a written exam (the NBME). The final grade is marginal/passing, high pass or honors.

For more information and a detailed description of the clerkship, please refer to the Surgery Clerkship Syllabus.

Clerkship Director: Bakr Nour, MD, FACS, PhD

Staff Support:

Rotation Duration:Eight weeks