Public Health Clerkship

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Course Goals and Objectives

The Clerkship in Public Health is a required two-week course offered to medical students in their 4th year.The course focuses on public health and health care systems with an emphasis on health promotion, preventive medicine, community aspects of practice and emerging trends in heath care delivery.

This course builds upon public health and epidemiological concepts and issues discussed and raised in the Medicine, Patients and Society courses I and II.Specifically, this clerkship presents a wider exposure to various aspects of health care delivery; health care financing and health policy; disease prevention and health promotion; and various community aspects of practice such as environmental and occupational health, legal aspects of medicine, alternative medicine, lifestyle medicine and global health. The students are also introduced to various topics currently being debated in the health care field.

At the end of the course, students should gain a greater knowledge and understanding of public and population health including a) social, cultural, political, and clinical aspects of the health care delivery and population health, b) community aspects of practice, c) health promotion and clinical preventive services, and d) global health.

Course Structure

The course is presented by means of lectures and seminars led by individuals working in the specific topic areas. Faculty and professionals from other organizations and academic institutions are invited to discuss and or debate contemporary public health issues. This clerkship also uses small group collaboration and discussion approach. Working in teams promotes coordination of written and oral communication skills. It encourages participants in building partnerships. These skills are vital to public health professionals.

Students are assigned to teams/ groups.Each team is assigned to research a specific topic, and asked to prepare an oral report and present it before the class at the end of the rotation. Additionally, each student is required to identify a topic of public health relevance and submit a paper of publishable quality, on his or her chosen topic.

Course Content and Grade

Course topics include public health and its challenges, health care delivery in the US and other nations in the Middle East such as Qatar, global health, non-communicable diseases, emerging patterns of infectious diseases, occupational and environmental health, quality of care and patient safety, legal aspects of medicine, life style medicine, disease prevention, domestic violence, road traffic safety, context and meaning effects and changing paradigm of health care.

Course grade is based on class participation, oral presentation and written paper. The final grade is Pass/Fail.

Course Director: Ravinder Mamtani, MBBS, MD, MSc

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