Elective Courses

In addition, there is ample time for a variety of elective courses. Students will have the opportunity to take elective courses at the home campus, as well as at other locations in the United States and abroad. Students will take rotations in their selected career, but are also encouraged to broaden their experiences, and use electives to sample disciplines they will not be able to experience again once they move on to graduate training. Having a breadth of experience is the best preparation for delving into the depth of a chosen career.


If you are a student at WCM-Q and plan to register in an elective in Qatar, contact Mrs. Buran Al-Zu’bi 30 days prior to the start of the elective to get approval and then be officially enrolled in the elective. If you are an international student planning to do an elective in Qatar, click here.

Number Title Department Sponsor
ANTH.8004 Acute Pain Management Anesthesiology, ICU & Perioperative Medicine Nicholas Bruce Scott, MD
MEDC.8046 Adult Allergy and Applied Immunology Medicine Mariam Alnisf , MD
PSYC.8002 Advanced Studies in the Psychoses Psychiatry Ziad Kronfol, MD
MEDC.8025 Ambulatory Medicine Medicine Issa Matar, MD
PATH.8006 Anatomic Pathology Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Imaad Mujeeb, M.D
GLBH.8001 Bridging the Gap – Medical Interpreters Training Center for Cultural Competence in Healthcare,Department of Global and Public Health Maha Elnashar & Huda Abdelrahim
MEDC.8007 Cardiology Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Awad Alqahtani, MD
ANTH.8001 Clinical Anesthesia Anesthesia Neeraj Kumar, MD
OTOR.8001 Clinical Clerkship in Otorhinolaryngology ENT Rumaillah Bakr Nour, MD
DERM.8002 Clinical Dermatology Dermatology & Venereology Mohamed Mohy El-Din Selim, MD
MEDC.8012 Clinical Gastroenterology Medicine Mohammed Tariq Butt, MD FACG
MEDC.8026 Clinical Infectious Disease Medicine Abdullatif Al Khal, M.D.
MEDC.8048 Clinical Informatics Medical Administration Ali Al Sanousi, MD, MBA, PhD
MEDC.8008 Clinical Nephrology Medicine Muhammad Asim, MD
NEUR.8009 Clinical Neurology Medical Education Basim Uthman, MD
NEUS.8001 Clinical Neurosurgery Neurology Bakr Nour, MD
PATH.8005 Clinical Pathology Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Mohamed Yousif El-Khalifa, MD
MEDC.8051 Clinical Rheumatology Elective Primary Care Housam Sarakbi, MD, FACR
PSYC.8013 Consultation-Laison Psychiatry Psychiatrys Ziad Kronfol, MD
MEDC.8002 Emergency Medicine Medicine Saad Abdulfattah Al Nuaimi, MD
MEDC.8041 Endocrinology / Diabetes Elective Medicine Mahmoud Zirie,MD
MEDC.8040 Evidence Based Approach to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Medical Education Ravinder Mamtani, MD
ABSC.8001 Fourth Year Teaching Experience-Gross Anatomy Medical Education Rachel Koshi, M.B.B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
ABSC.8004 Fourth Year Teaching Experience-Neuroscience Medical Education Naim Haddad, M.D.
ABSC.8003 Fourth Year Teaching Experience-PBL Facilitating and Case Writing Medical Education Gerardo Guiter, MD
SURG.8020 General Pediatric Surgery Surgery Bakr Nour, MD
SURG.8002 General Surgery Surgery Bakr Nour, MD
MEDC.8057 Geriatric Medicine Medicine Mai Mahmoud, MD
GLBH.8102 Global Health Global and Public Health Ravinder Mamtani, MD
OBGY.8001 Gyne-Oncology Elective Ob/Gyn Jeremie Arash Rafii Tabrizi M.D., Ph.D.
SURG.8032 Gynecology - Minimal Invasive Surgery Elective Ob/Gyn Nady Mohamed, MD
MEDC.8005 Holistic Approach to Outpatient Consultation Model in Staff Medical Centre, HMC. Medical Education Dr. Mohammad U A Rahman
RADI.8004 Introduction to Clinical Imaging Radiology Vishwanath Kini, MD
OBGY.8007 Maternal Fetal Medicine Women's Hospital -Ob/Gyn Dept. Najat Khenyab, MD
SURG.8003 Maxillofacial Surgery Surgery Bakr Nour, MD
PEDS.8015 Medical Genetics Pediatrics Tawfeg Ben-Omran, MD, FRCPC
MEDC.8003 Medicine Intensive Care Unit Medicine Mai Mahmoud, M.D.
RADI.8106 Musculoskeletal Radiology Radiology Vishwanath Kini, MD
PEDS.8091 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit NICU-Women's Hospital Amal Khidir, MD, FAAP
OBGY.8003 Obstetrics Acting Internship Ob/Gyn Badreldeen, Ahmed, MD
MEDC.8004 Oncology Medicine Mufid El Mistiri, M.D., Mai Mahmoud, M.D.
OPTH.8002 Ophthalmology Ophthalmology Bakr Nour, MD
SURG.8004 Orthopedic Surgery Surgery Bakr Nour, MD
MEDC.8078 Palliative Care Medical Education Mai Mahmoud, M.D. & Dr. Azza Hassan
PEDS.8006 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Elective Pediatrics Amal Khidir, MD, FAAP
PEDS.8026 Pediatric Endocrinology Pediatrics Amal Khidir, MD, FAAP
PEDS.8022 Pediatric Hematology Oncology Pediatrics Amal Khidir, MD, FAAP
RADI.8011 Pediatric Radiology Radiology Vishwanath Kini, MD
PEDS.8087 Pediatrics Cardiology Pediatrics Amal Khidir, MD, FAAP
PEDS.8027 Pediatrics Gastroenterology Pediatrics Amal Khidir, MD, FAAP
SURG.8015 Plastic Surgery Elective Surgery Bakr Nour, MD
MEDC.8080 Primary Care in Qatar - family Medicine Medicine Mohamud A. Verjee, BSc (Hons), MBChB, DRCOG, CCFP, FCFP
MEDC.8035 Pulmonary Elective Medicine Abbas Alabbas, MD
MEDC.8006 Quality Improvement and Patient Safety clerkship General Internal Medicine Dr. Akhnuwkh Jones
OBGY.8010 Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Ob/Gyn Mariam Flamerzi, MD
PEDS.8090 SUBI in Pediatrics Pediatrics Amal Khidir, MD, FAAP
MEDC.8038 Sports Medicine Elective Primary Care Mohamud A. Verjee,BSc (Hons), MBChB, DRCOG, CCFP
SURG.8094 SubI in Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery Surgery Bakr Nour, MD
MEDC.8094 SubI in Emergency Medicine Medicine Saad Abdulfattah Al Nuaimi, MD
MEDC.8201 SubI in Medicine Medicine Issa Matar, MD
PEDS.8201 SubInternship in Pediatrics Pediatrics Amal Khidir, MD, FAAP
SURG.8019 Surgical Critical Care Unit HMC Nissar Shaikh Maheboob, MD
SURG.8023 Trauma Surgery Elective Surgery Bakr Nour, MD
UROL.8001 Urology Urology Nagy Younes, MD