Writing Center

The Writing Center at WCM-Q provides consultation and support at any level for all types of writing. Students, staff, and faculty visit the Center (Room C055) to cultivate ideas, communicate more effectively, and improve writing skills. The Writing Center supports the writing process, from the initial steps of trying to understand a topic to the final stages of editing. Individual or group consultations can be made in advance or held during walk-in hours. In addition, the Writing Center offers workshops on a variety of writing topics, such as effective introductions, personal statements, scientific writing, and many others. Borrow a book from the Lending Library, or choose a helpful handout on writing skills. Finally, Writing Center Peer Consultants are senior students and experienced writers who give assistance "anytime, anywhere," including evenings and weekends. Their time is typically spent listening to students, talking about assignments and revision strategies, discussing concerns, offering encouragement, and sharing the realities of being a writer at WCM-Q.


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To schedule an appointment with the Writing Center, please register at: https://wcm-q.mywconline.com

You may also email Adam Larson at ahl2005@qatar-med.cornell.edu for more information.