Facilities of WCM-Q

Covering nearly 390,000 sq ft (36,000 sq m), the building of WCM-Q provides generous accommodation and a superb environment for all the operations of the medical college, from clinical teaching to research at the bench, administrative work to accessing information resources.

High-speed Internet connectivity enables faculty, students and staff to maintain close links with colleagues overseas. To give one example, videoconferencing technology provides for delivery of live lectures from Weill Cornell Medicine in New York and Cornell University in Ithaca to students in the classroom in Doha.


 Among the most outstanding features are:


  • Lecture Halls - Designed to accommodate large audiences, each lecture hall is equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment providing High Definition (HD) end-to-end signals, resulting in a high-quality projection of audio video presentations and recordings. Lecture Hall systems are monitored and controlled from the lectern and a technician desk in each control room. Facilities include- Digital Congress Network (DCN), HD Document camera, Bose audio system for a truly immersive audio experience, Wireless presentation, Mac Desktop with secure data access to Box for the presenter, HD cameras for recording to a cloud-based recording system, and integration with Zoom to facilitate interactive teaching and meeting sessions. Secure Wi-Fi coverage is available for internet access.
  • Seminar rooms - Designed to facilitate small group learning. Each room is equipped with wall mounted touch screen for users to control HD laser projector/s and audio level, wireless presentation to facilitate flexible teaching in single room or multi-room setups, Mac Desktop with cloud-based login and secure data access from Box for the presenter. Secure Wi-Fi is available to enable faculty, staff, and students to use their own computing devices. Adjustable lighting, modular tables, and foldable wall partitions provides ideal flexible spaces for teaching and problem-based learning which are integral to the medical curriculum.
  • The Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab (CSSL) inside the North Hall is extensively used from Year 1 of the Medical Program to support the training and assessment of WCM-Q's medical students in the art and science of patient care. The CSSL has 12 fully equipped clinical examination rooms with 24 stations for direct observation, a high-fidelity simulation suite with two simulation bays and a scrub room, a simulation audio/visual learning management system, three multipurpose training rooms and a simulated patients’ training suite .
  • Over 34,000 sq ft (3,230 sq m) of teaching laboratory space, with 7,200 sq ft (670 sq m) of prep rooms. Spacious, fitted with ceiling reflected lighting to avoid glare and superbly equipped, the labs offer an optimal environment for pre-medical students to develop their skills of method and analysis in experimental science.
  • Facilities

  • Up to 36,810 sq ft (3,420 sq m) of research laboratories. Working with Qatar Foundation, WCM-Q has developed core laboratory capabilities, including genomics and proteomics cores, a computational biology and biostatistics core, vivarium facilities, a microscopy core and a basic laboratory support core. These are available to colleagues at our sister institutions in Education City, in order to encourage a collaborative research effort.
  • A Distributed eLibrary accessed via computers throughout the building, via the wireless network or by remote connection. This is the gateway to a wealth of information resources held by WCM-Q, Cornell University, Weill Cornell Medicine and its affiliates, and Hamad Medical Corporation.