Ministry of Public Health

"Because we care…"


The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has responsibility for drafting and overseeing implementation of the national health policy and related regulatory framework for Qatar. It aims to create an outstanding, well-managed system that supports the national vision of wellness for all those living in the country.

The MoPH oversees the health care system, from nationwide community-based primary care to tertiary facilities in Qatar providing specialist services. A major development in 2008 was the creation of a Primary Health Care Corporation to work on enhancement of the existing network of 21 primary care facilities and the creation of new "wellness centers". Here, the emphasis is on multi-disciplinary teamwork in the fields of preventive care, education for a healthy life, diagnostic and therapeutic services, and counseling and support for mental health patients.

The MoPH has oversight of public health policy and programs, including those related to the control of infectious diseases; WCM-Q students are regular volunteers in the MoPH program to immunize children against polio. It coordinates with other agencies on environmental and public safety promotion, and has responsibility for preparations for any public health emergency.

Ensuring the provision of high quality services for patients who need specialist care is part of the MoPH's purview. As centers of excellence, Qatar's major hospitals will provide high quality care as well as participate in leading-edge biomedical research, another area where the MoPH has a leadership role.

In addition, the MoPH is tasked with regulating, monitoring and evaluating public-funded services and the private sector, to ensure that health care is provided in accordance with agreed standards and performance targets; and planning the future financing of care in the country.