Hamad Medical Corporation

Established by Emiri decree in 1979, Hamad Medical Corporation is the premier not-for-profit health care provider in Qatar.

From 1979, HMC built up a network of primary care centers across Qatar with tertiary hospitals in the capital city, Doha, providing nation-wide health care services to everyone resident in the country.

The corporation now manages five hospitals: Hamad General Hospital, Women's Hospital, Rumaillah Hospital, Al-Amal Oncology Hospital and Al-Khor Hospital (North Area Hospital). In 2007, all five facilities achieved accreditation from the Joint Commission International, the U.S.-based organization that oversees the accreditation of hospitals outside the United States. Currently, a major expansion of facilities is planned in the new Hamad Medical City, including commissioning of new hospitals for pediatric and cardiac patients.

HMC is a regional leader in a number of specialized services: For example, the program of neonatal screening for metabolic disorders, and visual and hearing impairments, is among the most extensive in the world.

There is an active program of continuing medical education, with residents forming an important part of health-care teams. HMC is now working towards adopting Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education standards for its residency programs.

In 2004, educational activities were extended to include medical students of WCM-Q. Since 2006, third and fourth year students have joined HMC teams to do their clinical clerkships and some electives. HMC physicians appointed to faculty make a major contribution to the students' clinical education. In spring 2007, the corporation opened a new Education Center, underlining its commitment to medical education.

Now, a growing number of WCM-Q clinical faculty see patients as part of their teaching activities in HMC; there is also cooperation between Weill Cornell in New York and Qatar, and HMC, in biomedical research activities.