Science for Curious Minds - High School Training

The program is designed to ignite curiosity for science in high school students aged 15 years and above. The program which is open for Qatari nationals and long term residents, gives high school students the platform to ask questions, understand and apply science. It offers them the opportunity to expand the understanding of the basics of conducting biomedical research from the literature review preparation to the hands-on experiments in the labs.

The program has a duration of 1 week in the summer (6 hours per day including 1 hour break).

The program consists of two main components:

A. Various educational seminars including the following topics: 

  • Fundamentals of data analysis
  • Structure of science, scientific publications
  • Communication Skills
  • Database Searching
  • Science in Qatar Opportunities
  • Presentations

B. Lab hands-on and observation activity:

This module introduces the high school students to different research fields such as:

  • Computer Based Epidemiological Models
  • Cell Culture
  • Biochemical assays
  • Forensics
  • Communicating research findings

Minimum Requirements:
All required documents must be submitted in English

  • Fluent in written and verbal English
  • Current high school student (aged 15 and above)
  • Interest in biomedical research 
  • Willing to take responsibility and work in a professional manner

How to Apply:
Applicants must submit:

  • Completed application 
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Qatar ID card (if applicable)
  • Copy of parent's Qatar ID
  • Copy of Mother’s ID (only for applicants who are not Qataris but whose their mother is) 
  • Latest high school transcript

After evaluation of the applications, selected candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on the email:

You can also follow this link for directions to WCM-Q: