1st Mini-Symposium on Proteomics

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Asia/Qatar 1st Mini-Symposium on Proteomics Qatar National Library Research Proteomics Core doj2006@qatar-med.cornell.edu AT Qatar National Library

Metaproteomics: Harnessing the power of High Performance Mass Spectrometry to Identify the Suite of Proteins that Control Metabolic Activities in Microbial Communities

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Research examining microbiomes are currently exploding and results are providing new perspectives. Within the OMIC`s tools, metaproteomics has become a central element in microbial studies. Metaproteomics has been proposed as a step-forward approach for obtaining deeper knowledge of biochemical processes taking place. We are using metaproteomics to clarify the enzymatic processes and to understand the mode-of-action that defines the impact of chemicals on microbiota-host interactions using a simplified human microbiome (SIHUMI) culture cultivated in in vitro bioreactors.