1st Mini-Symposium on Proteomics

Explore the Fascinating World of Proteomics

Asia/Qatar 1st Mini-Symposium on Proteomics Qatar National Library Research Proteomics Core doj2006@qatar-med.cornell.edu AT Qatar National Library


Leading researchers in the field of proteomics and mass spectrometry will convene to discuss the latest research in this rapidly emerging and dynamic area. Aimed at scientists and students active in the life sciences and medical fields, the symposium will explore different perspectives of proteomics and the many potential future applications for the technology, both in the lab and the clinic. 

The symposium will also explore the ways in which recent advances in proteomics are beginning to provide large amounts of high-quality data that have the potential to drive change across a wide range of other areas of research and clinical practice, particularly personalized medicine. 

The two-day event will feature lectures on human-specific aspects on the first day and human-pathogen interactions on the second. The event will also offer a platform for junior scientists to present and discuss their own work relating to proteomics.