Post-Foundation Summer Program at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

This six-week summer program offers students who successfully complete the Foundation Program a unique opportunity to advance their language skills and acquire new knowledge. It is an invaluable cultural experience that enriches students’ personal growth, enhances their intercultural development, and increases their motivation to achieve their education and career goals.

In addition to academics, students can participate in cultural events on campus and enjoy outdoor activities. Ithaca is famous for its beautiful scenery, which includes spectacular gorges and waterfalls. Students can hike or barbecue in the local parks, go canoeing, and visit Cornell Orchards and the bird sanctuary.

The Foundation Program provides a unique experience for our students to grow academically and personally. It lays a solid foundation for students to be successful in the Six-Year Medical Program and contributes to building a cadre of future Qatari physicians and leaders.

Professional Identity Formation through Physician Shadowing Experience

The Physician Shadowing Experience is designed to expose students to the medical profession in clinical settings. Offered in the summer, this experience aims to provide future medical students with knowledge, skills, and behaviors that foster professionalism in medical school and beyond. Furthermore, students gain an understanding and appreciation of healthcare professions in Qatar and begin constructing a professional identity early in their premedical education. Over the summer, students visit an affiliated hospital regularly and observe physician-patient interactions focusing on professionalism and communication dynamics. Students gain a real-life insight into the everyday challenges of being a healthcare practitioner and develop a humanistic approach towards establishing a compassionate and caring relationship with their community.