Enrichment Programs in 2015

The Enrichment Programs at WCM-Q are designed to provide youth an opportunity to further explore their intellectual curiosity in a college setting. Students engage in challenging and interactive activities focused on making learning FUN! The programs are facilitated by our Pre-medical and Medical faculty and recent graduates in our facilities in the Education City.

The Enrichment Programs are offered twice a year, in the winter and the summer.

Qatar Medical Explorer Program (QMEP) – Summer Session

The Medical Explorer Program offered students with a two-week experience on campus. The program took place from June 28 to July 9. The program offered:

  • Career counseling and personal development workshops that allowed students to formulate a clearer picture about their interests, strengths, and areas that needed improvement
  • A glimpse of how to get into college and how to prepare for college requirements. Students worked on developing a personal statement and attended practice college admissions-type interviews.
  • An idea about college life with emphasis on being a college student through a series of college presentations, clinical skills workshops and Problem-Based Learning sessions.

Pre-college Enrichment Program (PCEP)- Summer Session

PCEP aimed to introduce prospective college students to what college life is all about. The program took place from June 28 to July 9. The Program offered students a two-week experience on campus that provided:

  • A glimpse of what it is like to be a medical doctor through didactic thinking and problem based learning. Students explored past, present, and future trends in medicine; discussed issues in the profession from ethics in research to public health awareness in the Gulf region.
  • An opportunity to experience college life: Through different college presentations, basic science lab sessions, clinical skills workshops and Problem-Based Learning sessions the students formulated a clearer picture about how their interests, strengths, and areas of improvement can translate to a career in Medicine.
  • Hands on research experience.