Digital Image Library
This service is host to many images from WCM-Q and its surroundings. High resolution images of students, faculty, buildings and technology that make WCM-Q a leader in medical education in the Middle East are all available for viewing and can be ordered online.

On our home page you will see we have a range of categories to assist your search listed by students, faculty, visiting faculty, buildings and events.

If you have any questions, find any errors in the description or would like to contribute to the library please contact me at John Samples

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John Samples, Photographer, Public Affairs


Photo Categories:

Building Leadership Faculty Students
Building Leadership Faculty Students
Visiting Faculty Visitors Events CSC
Visiting Faculty Visitors to WCM-Q Events CSC
HMC Doha    
HMC Doha    

For more information on photographs, and to obtain copies of images please contact:

Office of Public Affairs
John Samples, Photographer
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar,
P.O. Box 24144
Doha, Qatar
John Samples

Or: Noura Rashid, Public Affairs Staff Secretary
Noura Rashid