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The annual awards honor the very best of teaching at WCM-Q

The annual awards honor the very best of teaching at WCM-Q.
The annual awards honor the very best of teaching at WCM-Q.

The exceptional contributions to education made by faculty and staff over the past academic year were recognized at the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Awards ceremony.

The winning teachers were presented with their awards at a ceremony held at the college before an audience of faculty, students and staff. Each of the winners in 15 separate categories was determined by a popular vote among students.

Dr. Stephen Scott, associate dean for student affairs, and Dr. Rachid Bendriss, assistant dean for recruitment, outreach and foundation programs, co-hosted the awards ceremony.

Dr. Javaid Sheikh was unable to present the awards this year so asked Dr. Marcellina Mian, associate dean for medical education, to do so on his behalf. Dr. Marco Ameduri, associate dean for premedical education, was also unable to attend and asked Dr. Bendriss to fulfill his role.

Paying tribute to the commitment shown to the students by the faculty and staff, Dr. Scott said:

“We are incredibly fortunate to have faculty and staff at WCM-Q who are not only exceptionally gifted educators but are also absolutely dedicated to the welfare and academic achievement of our students. As such, I offer my congratulations not only to the winners but to all of our faculty and staff who make such wonderful contributions to the students at WCM-Q.”

Dr. Scott and Dr. Bendriss then invited each faculty member to the stage to be presented with their awards.

Dr. Bendriss said:

“All of our faculty and staff work extremely hard to encourage and inspire our students to realize their innate potential. In addition to ensuring our students master a very challenging curriculum, the faculty also inculcate the passion for knowledge and critical thinking skills needed for our students to become lifelong learners, which is an essential attribute for all physicians.

We are very happy to acknowledge their efforts with the Excellence in Teaching Awards.”

Winners of the Excellence in Teaching Awards 2016

Pre-Medical Program Awards

Foundation: Dr. Clare McVeigh
1st Year: Dr. Clare McVeigh
1st Year: Dr. James Roach
English Writing: Dr. Rodney Sharkey
2nd Year: Dr. Moncef Ladjimi
2nd Year: Dr. Syed Naqi
Teaching Specialist: Mr. Anthony Overy
Teaching Specialists Honorable Mentions: Dr. Majda Sebah, Ms. Padmakumari Sarada, and Ms. Melanie Fernandes

Medical Program Awards

Molecules, Genes and Cells: Dr. Moncef Ladjimi
Human Structure and Function: Dr. Avelin Malyango
Host Defenses for AY 2014-15: Dr. Ali Sultan
Brain and Mind: Dr. Naim Haddad
Basis of Disease: Dr. Thurayya Arayssi
Medicine, Patients and Society I: Dr. Ziyad Mahfoud
Medicine, Patients and Society II: Dr. Stella Major
4th Year Courses and Clinical Clerkships: Dr. Laith Abu-Raddad, Dr. Badreldeen Ahmed, Dr. Hassen Al-Amin, and Dr. Thurayya Arayssi
1st Year Visiting Faculty: Dr. Estomih Mtui (WCM-NY)
2nd Year Visiting Faculty: Dr. Marc Dinkin (WCM-NY)