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2017 WCM-Q Excellence in Teaching Awards – The Results

Winners of the Excellence in Education Awards were invited on stage to receive their certificates.
Winners of the Excellence in Education Awards were invited on stage to receive their certificates.

The efforts and accomplishments of outstanding faculty and staff over the past academic year were acknowledged at the 2017 Excellence in Teaching Awards ceremony.

WCM-Q faculty, students and staff assembled at Chef’s Garden at Al Shaqab to see Master of Ceremonies Dr. Rodney Sharkey announce awards for the winning teachers across the pre-medical and medical curriculum, determined by a popular vote among students. This year’s ceremony also featured additional  awards, four of which recognized the dedicated service of course directors of the previous curriculum, plus one ‘New Curriculum Pioneer’ award.

Opening the event, Dr. Sharkey, associate professor of English, drew parallels between the Excellence in Teaching Awards and the Academy Awards. Quipping that he hoped not to muddle the envelopes, Dr. Sharkey said: “As they cast their votes, students said time and again that the passion and enthusiasm our faculty bring to the classroom is infectious and inspiring. Truly, our faculty sprinkle a little stardust into the lives of our students, just like the stars of the silver screen.”

Dr. Javaid Sheikh, Dean of WCM-Q, said: “I would like to thank all of our staff and faculty for the tremendous work they do. They so frequently go beyond the call of duty in service to our students and to the art of teaching itself. I also offer my warmest congratulations to those faculty whose exceptional contributions to teaching and to WCM-Q have been recognized here today.”

Music at the event was provided by the nine members of the newly formed WCM-Q student band, Unplugged, who variously played the violin, guitar, piano, flute, clarinet and saxophone. The faculty extended their thanks to the members of Unplugged: Amina Kunnummal, Gi-Eun Kim, Irfan Helmy, Josia Schlögl, Jungyoon Jung, Priyamvada Pillai, Seon Woo Kim, Yanal Shaheen and Yi Li, as well as Dr. Mohamud Verjee for coordinating the performance.


Winners of the Excellence in Teaching Awards 2017


Pre-Medical Education Awards

Foundation Year: Dr. Rachid Bendriss, Dr. Clare McVeigh

1st Year Science: Dr. Kuei Chiu Chen, Dr. James Roach

English Writing: Dr. Rodney Sharkey

2nd Year Science: Dr. Moncef Ladjimi, Dr. Syed Naqi, Dr. Kevin Smith

Teaching Specialist: Dr. Dalia Zakaria

Teaching Specialists Honorable Mention: Dr. Nandeo Choony


Medical Education Awards

Foundational Sciences Curriculum

Essential Principles of Medicine Course: Dr. Ameed Raoof, Dr. Ali Sultan

Host Defenses Course (For AY 2015-16): Dr. Ali Sultan

Brain and Mind Course: Dr. Naim Haddad

Basis of Diseases Course: Dr. Gerardo Guiter

Medicine, Patients and Society II Course: Dr. Stella Major

Clinical Curriculum

Clinical Clerkships and 4th Year Courses: Dr. Laith Abu-Raddad, Dr. Badreldeen Ahmed, Dr. Naim Haddad, Dr. Amal Khidir

Visiting Faculty

1st Year: Dr. Domenick Falcone

2nd Year: Dr. Marc Dinkin

3rd and 4th Year: Dr. Mark Pecker

Recognition Awards

New Curriculum Pioneer: Dr. Lotfi Chouchane

Molecules, Genes and Cells Course Directors: Dr. Khalid Machaca, Dr. Nasrin Mesaeli

Human Structure and Function Course Director: Dr. Dietrich Büsselberg

Host Defenses Course Director: Dr. Ali Sultan

Medicine, Patients and Society I Course Director: Dr. Stephen Scott