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Health and Wellness

Counseling Services

Our aim at WCM-Q is to provide maximum support and empower students to make healthy lifestyle choices through education, consultation, assessment and treatment.


In the absence of a psychologist, WCM-Q provides access to a counseling and referral service offered by LifeSolutions. These services are confidential and free for students. LifeSolutions will provide up to six sessions per issue. Contact may be made 24 hours day, 7 days a week. Counseling may be provided over the telephone or through face to face sessions in Doha. 

A LifeSolutions appointment can be set up by calling 4492 8646, and the call will be forwarded to a US call center. We recommend contacting them via email at lifesolutions@chestnut.or 

Services may also be requested via the LifeSolutions website: 

When contacting LifeSolutions, please use our company code: WCMC