JANUARY 27 & 28, FEBRUARY 18, AND MARCH 25, 2023

Certificate in the Analysis of Medical Data

Online via Zoom and Face-to-Face at WCM-Q

Scientific Planning Committee


Dr. Thurayya Arayssi

Vice Dean for Academic and Curricular Affairs
Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar

Dr. Ziyad R Mahfoud

Professor of Research in Population Health Sciences
Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar


Mr. Mohammed Al-Saey

Director of Sports Dentistry -Consultant in Oral Surgery

Ms. Deema Al-Sheikhly

Director, Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development
Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar

Dr. Maguy S El Hajj

Associate Professor and Head
Qatar University College of Pharmacy

Dr. Vahe Kehyayan

Assistant Professor
University of Calgary in Qatar

Mr. Bruce MacRae

Critical Care Respiratory Therapy Consultant

Dr. Stella Major

Associate Professor of Family Medicine in Clinical Medicine
Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar

Mrs. Safia Rabia

CPD Coordinator II

Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar

Dr. Daniel Rainkie

Quality Care Pharmacist, Pharmacists in PCN Program.
Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus - Canada