1st Mini-Symposium on Proteomics

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Stephen Pennington, PhD

Stephen Pennington
Professor of Proteomics
Senior Fellow, UCD Conway Institute
President BSPR
President HUPO
School of Medicine, University College Dublin
Dublin, Ireland

Steve is currently Professor of Proteomics at the UCD School of Medicine & Conway Institute in Dublin, Ireland. He graduated from Imperial College of Science and Technology (Imperial College London) with a joint honours degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry before completing a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge. Steve and his research team are actively engaged in a number of collaborative proteomics projects focussed on comprehensive proteomics scale analysis of protein expression and function to support improved understanding of mechanisms of disease progression and diagnosis. They are currently focussed on the development of multiplexed protein biomarker measurements using multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry to support the translation of novel multiplexed blood protein biomarkers to clinical diagnostic tests.  In recent years, Steve has given over 200 invited presentations at international events and is currently on the editorial board of several journals, a committee member of the European Proteomics Association (EuPA) and President of the British Society for Proteome Research (BSPR). In 2017 he was the lead organiser of 16th Human Proteome Organisation (HUPO) World Congress which was held in Dublin in September 2017 and was elected President of HUPO (2019-2021). He is the founder of the UCD spin out company Atturos (www.atturos.com) which established its first laboratory in September 2017. In 2018, he received the NovaUCD Innovator of the year award. Atturos is focussed on the development and delivery of diagnostic tests in areas of significant unmet clinical need.