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SEPTEMBER 29, 2018

Optimizing Health Professions Education with Simulation-Based Learning



The symposium aims to maximize the benefits of the educational modality through the adoption of guidelines and best practices from experts in the field. Expert facilitators from the multi-institutional Qatar Simulation Consortium were consulted to identify and steer the programming to meet the needs of the Qatar healthcare community in regards to evidence-based methods in simulation-based medical education. The symposium will provide a platform for identifying strengths and challenges and allow for participants to explore opportunities to address barriers through collaborative discussions and networking gatherings.

Key topics to be covered in the symposium:

  1. Assess individuals and health professions teams through simulation-based experiences.
  2. Explore how debriefing can be a major contributor to life-long learning.
  3. Overcome barriers to implementing simulation-based education into your curriculum.
  4. Select the most appropriate simulation modality to meet the requirements of specific learning objectives.
  5. Explore how human role-players can be utilized for health professions education.
  6. Learn about innovative simulation-based learning being conducted in Qatar.
  7. Examine how health professions learners view simulation-based education.
  8. Network and collaborate with peers.

Overall Objectives

At the end of this activity, participants will:
  1. Describe best practices in simulation-based education for healthcare professionals.
  2. Illustrate new strategies for increasing effectiveness of simulation-based education for healthcare professionals within your institution.
  3. Identify tools and processes to ensure effective simulation-based education for healthcare professionals.
  4. Identify opportunities for collaboration in simulation-based education for healthcare professions.