Psychiatry for the Non-Psychiatrist

Asia/Qatar Psychiatry for the Non-Psychiatrist

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Room A053, Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar Continuing Professional Development
AT Room A053, Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar


A large percentage of patients visiting non-psychiatric practices suffer from psychiatric conditions alone or complicating medical, surgical and neurological illness. The appropriate diagnosis and management of these patients is critical for a good overall patient outcome and to decrease the risk of chronicity and complications.

This workshop will discuss common presentations of psychiatric conditions in non-psychiatric health settings and approaches to their screening, diagnosis, and management.

Identified Practice Gaps/Needs

The Activity consists of four sessions designed to impart practical knowledge about the presentations of psychiatric disorders in the general health settings and their impact on the overall health of patients. Approaches to diagnosis and management will be discussed especially in the area of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and somatic illness disorders. The activity will consist of power point presentations, video clips, case illustrations and discussions.

Target Audience

This course is designed for Physicians, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacists, Allied Health Professionals.

Overall Learning Objectives

  • Recognize psychiatric disorders presenting in the general medical setting
  • Modify the current approach to the assessment and treatment of patients in accordance with current treatment recommendations for psychiatric disorders in non-psychiatric setting.