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Louis Herlands, PhD

Louis Herlands
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
abOde therapeutics
Cambridge, MA, USA

AbOde’s proprietary platform technology allows for the rapid generation of novel biologicaltherapeutics that have potential in a wide range of human diseases. Recent scientific insightsinto biological processes, together with the ability to generate repertoires of high affinity camelidsingle-domain antibodies, offers compelling opportunities to discover and develop effectivemedicines.Louis is skilled at unlocking the commercial potential of early stage technologies, and innovatesat the crossroads of academia, entrepreneurship, finance and industry. He builds value throughleading companies, authoring patents, driving non-clinical development to initiate and conductclinical trials, and forging corporate deals with strategic partners. The aggregate value of thebiotechnology and pharmaceutical companies Dr. Herlands has co-founded, financed, and/orled is over $15 billion. He has led programs in diverse in diverse therapeutic areas includingdiabetes, obesity, neuropathic pain, and cancer.Additionally, Herlands serves on the Rockefeller University Council, and on the McLean HospitalNational Council. He also leads various philanthropic activities to leverage committed capitalthrough 'venture philanthropy’. Recently, he teamed up with The Mayday Fund to endow aProfessorship in pain neuroscience and brain imaging at Children's Hospital, Boston. LouisHerlands graduated from Yale University and earned his PhD from The Rockefeller University.

About AbOde: AbOde is a privately held biopharmaceutical company, developing a broadportfolio of therapeutic candidates for various immune-mediated inflammatory diseases andneurodegenerative diseases. AbOde is based in Cambridge Massachusetts and Doha, Qatar.