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January 2023

High School Medical Conference

Our Aim

Our Aims & Objectives

Raise awareness about careers in medicine and strengthen current interest in science/medical fields by:

  • Reinforcing science/medical activity within an academic setting.
  • Stimulating new interests in local High Schools (HS).
  • Raising awareness of parents in planning future secondary education. 

Develop partnerships with local schools by:

  • Providing professional development opportunities for high school teachers. 
  • Liaising with HS teachers on science subject methods of learning.
  • Fostering innovative ideas in teaching and learning.
  • Providing a forum for social interaction between students at HS in Qatar.

Enhance college readiness skills by:

  • Offering students the opportunity to explore topics of science interest through understanding research, poster presentation and oral presentation.
  • Creating a platform for innovative public speaking and critical thinking.
  • Providing a forum for HS students to showcase their talents and skills.