High School Medical Conference - November 2021

Research Competition - April 2021

Medicine Unlimited

Every year, Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar opens its doors for a big annual recruitment fair, which offers high school students and their families a glimpse of science and medicine and the possibility of a career in healthcare.

This interactive public event introduces prospective students and their families to WCM-Q faculty, who share simulations and demonstrations that review the workings of genes, molecules and the human body.

At tables lining the academic wing, faculty members and WCM-Q students share their knowledge of medical science with the high school students. The main purpose of this science fair is to provide students with first-hand experience and showcase the buzzing academic and student life at the medical college.

A quiz is organized at the end of the event and allows students to test their knowledge and win prizes.

Link to register for Medicine Unlimited will be available here closer to the event.