Lifestyle Medicine:
An Emerging Healthcare Trend That Inspires

An Institute for Population Health Symposium
Asia/Qatar Lifestyle Medicine: An Emerging Healthcare Trend That Inspires

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Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar Institute for Population Health
AT Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar
Pre-Symposium Workshops

Unlocking the secrets of longevity with a focus on happiness and wellness

Room A053a


Evidence suggests that 70 percent of primary care visits are due to stress. Emotional distress can lead to ill-health and poor quality of life. There is also emerging evidence of how healthy diet, physical activity, adequate sleep, managing stress and strengthening social relationships contribute to longevity. The workshop will explore how to reduce stress by harnessing the concepts of positive psychology, happiness and wellness, and discuss longevity hot spots from around the world - and what can we learn from them - to lead longer, healthier and happier lives.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define positive psychology, happiness and wellness.
  2. Examine longevity hot spots from around the world: The Blue Zones Project.
  3. Outline non-pharmacologic management strategies for stress and emotional well-being

Workshop Outline

Time Topic
12.15pm - 12.30pm Introductions
12.30pm - 12.55pm Presentation: Putting things in context/positive psychology, happiness and wellness + Interactive activity
12.55pm - 1.10pm Coffee break
1.10pm - 1.45pm Presentation: Blue Zones Project + Interactive Activity
1.45pm - 2.15pm Presentation: A toolkit for non-pharmacologic management strategies for stress and emotional well-being + Interactive activity
2.15pm - 2.30pm Reporting/Wrap-up