Lifestyle Medicine:
An Emerging Healthcare Trend That Inspires

An Institute for Population Health Symposium
Asia/Qatar Lifestyle Medicine: An Emerging Healthcare Trend That Inspires

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Pre-Symposium Workshops

Exercise as Medicine: A Cornerstone of Lifestyle Medicine

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Physical inactivity is recognized as one of the most important modifiable risk factors for the prevention of chronic disease. Furthermore, there is growing evidence that exercise is effective for the management and treatment of many chronic conditions. This body of evidence has led to the adoption of the “exercise is medicine” campaign in several countries. Notwithstanding, exercise is often not prescribed as a standard component of chronic disease care. In this workshop the contributors to lack of physical activity will be explored and the latest physical activity guidelines will be considered. In addition, a variety of practical approaches for increasing exercise uptake and adherence will be examined.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the contributors to physical inactivity and the evidence for “exercise as medicine”.
  2. Demonstrate a variety of exercise prescriptions.
  3. Evaluate strategies for increasing physical activity.

Workshop Outline

Time Topic
12.15pm - 12.30pm Presentation: The global inactivity crisis (statistics and drivers)
12.30pm - 12.45pm Discussion: The local context/interactive discussion
12.45pm - 1.00pm Presentation: The evidence base for exercise for the prevention, management and treatment of chronic conditions
1.00pm - 1.15pm Coffee Break
1.15pm - 2.00pm Activity: Prescribing exercise – guidelines and examples
2.00pm - 2.30pm Presentation/discussion: Motivating individuals to live more actively