Collaborative Research (WCM-Q & WCM-NY)

Collaborative Research under Research Integrity:

Collaborative Research Requiring IBC & IACUC Approval or Exemption 
For research protocols that involve collaboration between WCM-Q and WCM-NY and involve activities that require IBC or IACUC oversight: Submission, review and approval for each location may be required as appropriate to the protocol and research activities conducted at each site. 

Other documentation of site specific training, assurances, risk assessment or exemption may also be needed to secure funding or to demonstrate compliance. 

Documenting Oversight Requirements for Collaborative Research
The WCM-Q PI is responsible for managing the identification of requisite approvals to fulfill compliance requirements for a research protocol; this includes any activities conducted by collaborating investigators and institutions as appropriate for each location. 

Documentation and maintenance of such records are the responsibility of the WCM-Q PI. 


Collaborative Research under HRPP:

WCM and WCM-Q are listed as components of the Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) filed with the United States Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP). The WCM-NY and WCM‐Q IRBs are listed on the same IRB Registration with OHRP.

At the same time both WCMQ and WCM-NY have valid assurances with the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar. WCMC-NY and WCMC-Q have written agreement to manage the regulatory oversight of research projects involving human subjects that are conducted jointly between faculty members.

This agreement was initiated to facilitate collaboration and avoid duplicate of IRB review. WCMQ IRB serves as the IRB of record in most of collaborative work that takes place in Qatar. However, in some instances WCM-NY IRB review maybe warranted.

The IRB offices in Qatar & NY will guide the investigators through the process. Close coordination between both offices take place to facilitate review and shorten the turnaround time.