Collaborating with Other Institutions

Collaborations under Research Integrity:

When a WCM-Q Principal Investigator (PI) collaborates with other Institutions, the PI will also need to follow the compliance requirements of the Collaborating Institution (CI).

If collaborators include WCM-NY, refer to Collaborating with WCM-NY.

The WCM-Q PI must coordinate directly with the CI to confirm current requirements for approval and oversight at Institutions other than WCM-Q. 

For research protocols that involve activities that require IBC or IACUC oversight: Submission, review and approval for each location may be required as appropriate to the research. 

Other documentation of site specific training, risk assessment or exemption may also be needed to secure funding or to demonstrate compliance.

Collaborations under HRPP:

Collaboration with Local & Foreign institutions is encouraged and facilitated. The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) requires each institutions “engaged” in human subjects research to obtain an Assurance from MOPH committing to comply with the requirements set forth in the Qatari regulations for the protection of human subjects involved in research and the terms of Assurance.  Certificate of IRB approval is also required from the institution initiating the research project and collaborating with WCMQ faculty.

Collaboration with WCM NY is regulated by an agreement initiated  in order to enable a faster process and an efficient operation. WCMQ IRB serves as the IRB of record in most of collaborative work that will take place in Qatar. However, in some instances WCM-NY IRB review may be warranted.

For collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC),  Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar (WCMQ) & HMC have established a standard operating procedure for reviewing research proposals when both institutions are engaged in human subjects research in order to encourage partnership. HRP 171 is the document that describes the steps to be followed when the research project is initiated by WCMQ Faculty in collaboration with HMC Faculty or vice versa.  The SOP is accessible to all investigators and posted on IRBNET Library.