Study Manual

Standard Operating Procedure

    SOP Adverse Events
    SOP Adverse Events
    SOP Anthropometry
    SOP Auditing
    SOP Control Enrolment
    SOP Creating Labels
    SOP Essential Documents
    SOP ICF scanning
    SOP Informed Consent Form
    SOP Patient Enrolment
    SOP Preparation of the Blood Sample Kit
    SOP Power failure during data entry
    SOP Quality Management Plan
    SOP Questionnaire
    SOP Responsibility Log
    SOP Sample Transportation (within Qatar)
    SOP Step-by-step Workflow
    SOP Study Deviation
    SOP Training Records
    SOP Transport Request
    SOP Using Survey Gizmo
    SOP Venipuncture
    SOP Withdrawal of subjects


    Adverse Event Report Form
    Contact information Form
    CRC/ RN Checklist
    Deviation Report Form
    Drop Out Form v1.0
    In-study audit report form
    Monthly Expense Sheet
    Monthly Time Card
    Linking Log Sheet Responsibility log sheet Template (1)
    Responsibility log sheet Template (2)
    Screening Log Sheet
    SOP Signature Reading Form
    Step-By-Step blood collection form
    Training Records Transport Request Form


    Electronic Data Entry
    Genetics of Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Data Analysis
    Standadrd Operating Procedures
    Clinical Research Shipping
    Finance Ethical requirements


    Informed consent form (Arabic Version)
    Informed consent (English version)
    Study Workflow Video 

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