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Certificate in Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition has emerged as an important discipline in modern medicine. Healthcare professionals are increasingly using nutrition strategies to prevent disease, manage illness and promote health. Research has shown that diet and eating habits play a major role in the development of certain chronic diseases like heart disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. Making changes to diet can help prevent and treat these conditions. For example, lowering certain fats and cholesterol, and adding whole grains to your diet can help prevent atherosclerosis, heart disease and stroke. Eating fewer calories helps lose weight. Cutting down on simple sugars can help prevent diabetes, and diets high in fiber can help control diabetes.

The Certificate in Clinical Nutrition course will provide healthcare practitioners with an understanding of how nutrition affects physiological and biochemical systems in the human body. Additionally, the course will provide relevant clinical information and skills to the participants. This is an innovative course that presents various aspects of nutrition to help healthcare practitioners manage their patients in a scientific manner.

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