Amal Robay, PhD

Amal Robay
Assistant Professor of Research in Genetic Medicine

 +974 4492 8494 


University of Nantes (France), 2005

University of Nantes, France, 2001


Dr. Amal Robay joined Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar  (WCM-Q) in 2012 as a Research Associate in Genetic Medicine and was appointed as Assistant Professor of Research in Genetic Medicine and Director of Clinical Research in the Department of Genetic Medicine in Dr. Ronald Crystal’s Lab at WCM-Q in 2013. Before joining WCM-Q, she held various positions, including young clinical research scientist, Clinical Operations and Regulatory Affairs Manager of the Clinical Research Pulmonary Division at the Research Center of the Hospital of Montreal University (CR-CHUM), and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

In her role as clinical research scientist and project manager at the CR-CHUM, Dr. Robay acted as Co-investigators and was scientifically and administratively in charge of all the clinical protocols at the Pulmonary Division. She worked on several FDA multi-center clinical trials from phase I to phase IV, sponsored both by granting agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Ronald Crystal, Chairman of the Department of Genetic Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, Dr. Robay is currently running the Department’s clinical research program at WCM-Q in the fields of Genetics and personalized medicine. The program includes many projects in various fields such as Diabetes, Genetic of Mendelian Diseases in Qatar, skeletal dysplasia and bone diseases in families in Qatar, Genetics of male Infertility, lung diseases (Asthma, COPD, CF, TB), effect of shisha smoking, and use of Endothelial Micropartciles as Biomarker for Diagnosis and Prognosis in Early sepsis.

Dr. Robay holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Physiology from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), Nantes University, France and is a Certified Clinical Research professional (CCRP) from the Society of Clinical Research Associate (SoCRA).

Selected Publications

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