Hong Ding, MD, PhD

Hong Ding, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Research in Pharmacology

 (+974) 4492 8362 


University of Calgary, Canada 2001

Zhejiang Medical University, China 1989

Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Ottawa, Canada 2001-2002

Postdoctoral Fellow
Yale University, 2002-2003



Dr. Ding joined Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar (WCM-Q) in October 2007 and is actively and enthusiastically involved in biomedical research and teaching of pharmacology to 1st and 2nd year medical students. Dr. Ding obtained her M.D. degree from Zhejiang University in China and worked as a physician in Hangzhou Hospital for four years before moving to Canada. Dr. Ding obtained a Ph.D. in Cardiovascular Pharmacology from the University of Calgary in Canada, where she also undertook post-doctoral training. After additional postdoctoral work at the University of Ottawa in Canada and Yale University in the U.S., she joined the faculty in the Department of Medical Sciences and Microvascular Research Group at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, where she pursued studies of microvascular disease in diabetes.

Dr. Ding continues to pursue her research interests in the area of vascular disease and diabetes through collaborations with Dr. Triggle (WCM-Q), Dr. Tuana (University of Ottawa), Drs. Vanhoutte & Xu (University of Hong Kong), Dr. Barritt (Flinders University), Dr. Hill (University of Missouri), Dai (China Pharmaceutical University), Drs. Garland and Dora (University of Oxford).

Selected Publications

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