July 18 - December 31, 2021

Training in Music-Based Therapeutic Interventions: From Fundamentals to Multidisciplinary Implementation

Rula Barghouthi

Rula  Barghouthi

Bachelor of Music Therapy

Music Therapist

Crescendo Academy, UNICEF, Action for Hope, Jordan

ArtEz University, Netherlands

Rula Barghouthi is a music therapist with extensive experience in teaching music and conducting music therapy sessions with various patients of diverse needs. Rula started learning music at a very young age, having been captivated by the sounds of different instruments and the amazing extent to which music can capture emotions and feelings beyond what can be expressed in words or in any other way.

Having seen how music can help people express their emotions and transcend negative situations, she decided to further pursue a career in music therapy. Acquiring her bachelors and currently her master’s degree at the University ArtEz in Netherlands, Rula pursued further training in different countries, including neurologic music therapy from the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy, thereby acquiring experience in designing therapies for people suffering from cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, learning disorders and many other neurological and neurodevelopmental conditions. Specialized in the traditional Middle Easterninstrument, the qanun, Rula turned her sight to other instruments and forms of music including piano, percussion instruments and singing, which she uses in her sessions performed in Jordan.