July 18 - December 31, 2021

Training in Music-Based Therapeutic Interventions: From Fundamentals to Multidisciplinary Implementation

Ibrahim Kadar , BA Music

Ibrahim Kadar

Ney Teacher

Ibrahim Kadar was born and raised in Homs, Syria. In 2008 he graduated from the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus, gaining a BA in music specializing in the ney, where he studied with Moslem Rahal. During his time at the Higher Institute of Music, Ibrahim traveled to Turkey to work closely with the well-known Ney player Ali Tufekci. Ibrahim has given performances across the world with various ensembles, orchestras and prestigious artists in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and Tunisia. He participated in the last album of the British band Gorillaz in the UK. Ibrahim has issued two albums, a ney concerto, a very unique album considered as the first album in the Arab World recorded specifically for the ney, and Saout Mohajer, a Kawala album. He moved to Qatar in 2019 to continue his career as a ney teacher at Qatar Music Academy, where is also involved in a neuromusicology research study.