July 18 - December 31, 2021

Training in Music-Based Therapeutic Interventions: From Fundamentals to Multidisciplinary Implementation

Aseel Massoud , MD, MT

Aseel Massoud

Physician, Music Therapist

Professional Lyrical Soprano

Conservatorio del Liceu, Barcelona

Catalan Institute of Music Therapy

Aseel Jamal Massoud is a Syrian medical doctor and a registered doctor in Barcelona, Spain. She obtained her master´s degree in music therapy (MT) from the University of Barcelona and a bachelor’s degreein classical singing from the Conservatorio del Liceu, Barcelona, where she also graduated as professional lyrical soprano. She worked on music therapy research in neurorehabilitation at Hospital del Mar in Barcelona from 2018to2020. Her latest investigation focused on in the social and emotional impact of music during confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic (2020). Dr. Aseel practiced as a music therapist for children with autism at the Catalan Institute of Music Therapy in Barcelona.

She is the Founder of the Sol Azul project for music therapy and art coaching for emotional, social and mental health. She is also the founder of the NEAR YOU online music therapy project and a vocal member in the artistic group Athrodeel.