Certificate in Clinical Nutrition

Amit Abraham, MD

Amit Abraham

Projects Specialist
Institute for Population Health
Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar
Doha, Qatar

Dr. Abraham is a Projects Specialist working at the Institute for Population Health in Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar. He is involved in a variety of projects promoting health awareness and disease prevention in the state of Qatar. His research interests pertain to environmental health and its impact on the local community. These include, but are not limited to, air quality, particulate matter & respiratory disease; pesticide use; climate change; and sustainable urban & community development, with a focus on how each of these issues are intricately coupled. The interface between these themes is consistent with the principles of One Health, which recognizes that the health of people is entwined with the health of both animals and the environment.

Dr. Abraham is an alumnus of Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, having received his M.D. in 2011. He is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Health (M.P.H.) from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA. 

Research Publications: 

1. Bener A, Alsaied A, Al-Ali M, Al-Kubaisi A, Basha B, Abraham A, et al. High prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in type 1 diabetes mellitus and healthy children. Acta diabetologica. 2009;46(3):183-9. 

2. Cheema S, Maisonneuve P, Weber I, Fernandez-Luque L, Abraham A, Alrouh H, et al. Knowledge and perceptions about Zika virus in a Middle East country. BMC infectious diseases. 2017;17(1):524. 

3. Cheema S, Maisonneuve P, Al-Thani MH, Al-Thani AA, Abraham A, Al-Mannai GA, et al. Oral health behavior and factors associated with poor oral status in Qatar: results from a national health survey. Journal of public health dentistry. 2017.