IRB - Institutional Review Board

The IRB reviews research protocols and related materials (e.g. recruitment and informed consent documents, information sheets, surveys, etc.) to ensure that the research plan minimizes risks and makes provisions for the protection of research participants.

IRB review is a requirement for research that involves humans participating in research that is not eligible for an exemption from IRB oversight.

IRB approval is required before Non-Exempt Human Subjects Research can begin.

As of 2013, the IRB of record in Qatar for WCM-Q is the Joint Institutional Review Board (JIRB).

The Joint Institutional Review Board (JIRB) was created to provide a single source of IRB/ethical review for Human Subjects Research involving WCM-Q and HMC.

The objective of the JIRB is to ensure that all Human Subjects Research conducted by WCM-Q faculty, staff and students meets the highest ethical standards and complies with applicable regulations and Qatari law.

The JIRB is administered locally in Qatar; to confirm current requirements email

The JIRB is registered with the Qatari Supreme Council of Health.

The JIRB Supreme Council of Health IRB Registration Number is SCH-Joint-111

Research that meets any of the following criteria requires IRB approval or an exemption of oversight:

  • Research conducted by or under the direction of any faculty, staff or students of WCM-Q regardless of the source of funding.
  • Research whose conduct or recruitment involves the use of WCM-Q faculty, staff and students as research participants.
  • Research in collaboration with WCM-Q and HMC.
  • Research involving the use of WCM-Q or HMC non-public information, such as student or patient records for the purposes of research.
  • Research involving the use of non-public information, such as medical records to identify or recruit potential human subjects for research participation.

Applications and Forms

To obtain instructions on completing and submitting an application for the IRB or to make a request for an exemption refer to the WCM-Q Intranet

Exemption from IRB Review

Some research involving human subjects may qualify for an exemption from IRB oversight.

For example, research involving completely anonymous data or publicly available information may qualify for an exemption.

Please note that Investigators may not make an exemption determination.

To query if a proposed project meets the legal definition of Human Subjects Research or for an official determination of oversight requirements contact the WCM-Q Office of Research Integrity.

Training in the Protection of Human Subjects

All individuals engaged in Human Subjects Research are required to complete and provide documentation of training in the protection of human subjects.

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