Hamad Medical Corpration Research Committee Approval

WCM-Q human subjects research that involves collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) requires review and approval from the HMC Research Committee prior to initiation. Such collaboration might include use of specimens, patients, medical records data and/or personnel/expertise from HMC. HMC review is in addition to WCM-Q IRB review.

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  1. Order of Approval
  2. WCM-Q Assistance with the HMC Process
  3. HMC Research Committee Information and Forms
  4. Required elements for HMC Research Committee Submission Package
  5. HMC Research Committee Procedures and Requirements
  6. About the HMC Consent Form Face Sheet
  7. Contact Information

 1. Order of Approval

In general, you should apply to the WCM-Q IRB first if the funding grant is to WCM-Q or if a project is directed by a WCM-Q researcher. In other situations, you may choose to apply to HMC first.

Applying to both at the same time can create unnecessary complications. It is usually best to get one approval first. The second approval will often be easier.

After you get HMC approval, be sure to amend your WCM-Q protocol using the online system to (1) formally submit the HMC approval notice and approved consent forms, AND (2) notify the WCM-Q of any changes made during the HMC Research Committee review. The WCM-Q IRB must approve this amendment before you begin working at or with HMC.

As you conduct your research, get WCM-Q IRB approval and HMC approval for any change to your protocol before you implement the change (except to avoid an immediate risk to subjects).

 2. WCM-Q Assistance with the HMC Process

In order to assist our researchers with their submissions to the HMC Research Committee, Abeer Gohar from our Research Office serves as a liaison between WCM-Q and the HMC Research Committee. It is not mandatory to use Abeer�s services. Abeer's role is as follows:

  • Abeer will deliver application packages to HMC on your behalf.
    • After you complete your package, submit to Abeer in room B156.
    • Submit to Abeer by Wednesday for delivery to HMC on the following Sunday.
    • Incomplete application packages will be returned to the Principal Investigator.
    • Abeer will not keep copies of your submission, so please make a copy for yourself.
  • Abeer will serve as a communication conduit between WCM-Q researchers and IRB, and the HMC Research Committee.
  • Abeer will provide guidance about navigating the HMC review process.
 3. HMC Research Committee Information and Forms  4. Required elements for HMC Research Committee Submission Package
  • Completed HMC Research Proposal Submission Form (requires WCM-Q intranet access)
  • Original signatures from PIs, Co-PIs, and co-investigators. If any of these individuals are away from Doha when you complete the application, a scanned signature is appropriate.
  • English consent form. Please contact Kip Kantelo or Abeer Gohar to obtain the correct template (HMC is updating its templates and will only provide one by request based on what your protocol involves).
  • Certified Arabic-language translation of the English consent form.
  • Case report form
  • Copy of PI's and co-investigators' CVs
  • For research involving HMC personnel, the HMC Medical Department Chair�s approval is required.
  • Review the HMC checklist for submission (included at the end of the proposal submission form) to ensure that the application package is complete.
 5. HMC Research Committee Procedures and Requirements
  • There are no deadlines for proposal submissions. Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis.
  • The HMC Research Committee meets weekly on every Tuesday.
  • Comments or approval are sent to the PI after the review at the weekly meeting.
  • Upon approval, the PI will be required to sign an additional �Agreement of Research Compliance� before HMC will release the approval letter. For PIs outside of Doha, it is acceptable to scan and electronically submit the signed agreement to HMC.
  • Investigators are required to submit a list of recruited subjects to the HMC Research Committee on a monthly basis.
  • Investigators are required to submit a progress report every six months along with a list of recruited subjects during the covered period to the HMC Research Committee.
  • Investigators are responsible for including a copy of the subject's signed research informed consent form for all research involving HMC patients in the subject�s medical records. If subjects sign a consent form in a language other than English, place the signature page of that form with the complete English consent form in the medical record.
  • HMC requires that investigators combine the HMC-approved informed consent form with the HMC Consent Form Face Sheet. See below for additional information about obtaining and using this document.
  • An immediate adverse event form should be submitted in case an incident occurs.
 6 About the HMC Consent Form Face Sheet
  • This is a triplicate carbon copy form printed by HMC with a summary list of the information to be provided to potential subjects.
  • Use this form in addition to the HMC-approved consent form.
  • HMC will not provide an electronic version of this form. Because it is a carbon form, the project title and PI name and contact information must be filled in so that they transfer to multiple pages (e.g., by hand, typewriter, or affixing pre-printed labels to each page).
  • Please train your study staff to use this form and file the copies as follows:
    • Attach the white copy to the signed consent form that is placed into the HMC medical record.
    • Attach the pink copy to the signed consent form kept in your records.
    • Attach the green copy to the signed consent form that you give to subjects to keep.
  • For a small initial supply of the Consent Form Face Sheet, please see Abeer Gohar in the WCM-Q Research Office (B156).
  • Whenever you need more of this form, you and your staff may get them in one of two ways:
    • Directly from the HMC Medical Research Centre offices at Hamad Medical City (Building #20, 3rd Floor), Sunday through Thursday between 0700 and 1500.
    • Order through Abeer. Please email her at abg2004@qatar-med.cornell.edu with an estimate of how many forms you need. Please plan ahead if you use this method- Abeer will pick up your order during her regular Sunday trips to HMC (with delivery to you on Mondays).
 7. Contact Information

Contact Information

Abeer Gohar
IRB Coordinator
WCM-Q Office of Research, B156
Phone: +974 4492-8407

Hamad Medical Corporation Research Committee
Hamad Medical City, Building #20, 3rd Floor
Phone: +9744439-2440/ 6163 /6164
Hours: 0700-1500 Sunday-Thursday

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