Former President Clinton at WCMC-Q

Students, faculty and staff from across Education City gathered in a lecture hall at WCMC–Q in January to hear former U.S. President Bill Clinton speak on the theme of global interdependence.

Mr. Clinton was presented with a gift commemorating the occasion by Dean of WCMC–Q, Daniel R. Alonso, M.D., at the conclusion of the visit.

The former president was in Doha to attend a conference on U.S. relations with the Islamic world. He was invited to Education City by the Qatar Foundation, as part of a policy of inviting international figures – “visionary leaders,” in the words of QF Board member Dr. Sheikha Al-Misnad - to address the academic community and provide inspiration. I urge you to listen, and reflect on his remarks, Dr. Sheikha said in her introduction.

In his speech, Mr. Clinton outlined the problems that the world faces at the turn of the twenty–first century, notably inequality of access to education, healthcare and resources, and environmental degradation. In this “age of interdependence,” these are issues that we cannot escape, he said.

Rejecting the idea that any one person or group has possession of absolute truth, he emphasized the need for cooperation: the central intellectual debate of our time focuses on the importance of respecting one another, he said – “everyone counts, everyone has a role to play, and we all do better when we help each other.”

During a discussion session with the students, Mr. Clinton spoke further on a range of issues, from U.S relations with Iran to the situation in Iraq and the Middle East peace process.

Also visiting WCMC-Q in February, former Vice-President Al Gore met faculty and students from Education City institutions, and toured the new building of the Medical College.