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Inspirational Tanzanian experience for pre-med students

The pre-med students were inspired by Tanzania's people, wildlife and landscapes.
The pre-med students were inspired by Tanzania's people, wildlife and landscapes.

In August 2017, eight pre-medical students visited Mwanza in Tanzania on a field service trip to discover how healthcare is provided in a developing country.

During the ten-day trip, organized by the Student Affairs Division, the students helped deliver free health checks in a number of communities, met local medical students and learned about the disease burden and the healthcare challenges facing Tanzania.

But the trip was about more than just investigating a different healthcare system: the students also gained a deep appreciation of the culture of the country, its beautiful flora and fauna, and the irrepressible spirit of the Tanzanian people.

To read more about the visit and see photographs of Tanzania’s amazing people, landscapes and wildlife, click here to view A Tanzanian Experience: Learning About Medicine and Life in Mwanza, a 40-page magazine published to commemorate the trip.

Pre-med 2 student Krishnadev Pillai gives a free health check.

Dr. Dietrich Büsselberg, professor of physiology & biophysics and assistant dean for pre-medical student affairs, chaperoned the students on the trip and took many of the photographs in the magazine. Teaching specialist Melanie Fernandes also accompanied the students on the trip and contributed photographs to the magazine. Said Dr. Büsselberg: “There was (and is) so much to learn about Tanzania, not just facts about the country and its people, but also the amazing wildlife in the Serengeti, and last but not least, the Tanzanian healthcare system.

“I hope that this booklet not only reflects the views and perspectives of our students but also gives an impression of the beauty of the country and the people of Tanzania.”