Medicine, Patients and Society II

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The Medicine, Patient and Society II is a required course which is administered on Monday’s of every week for a total of 29 weeks to the 2nd year medical students. This course helps students to broaden their knowledge of patient assessment and patient care within the context of the health system in Qatar. Students learn how to interview and examine a patient and are introduced to important concepts in medicine including the delivery of healthcare, medical ethics, nutrition and field of public health.

The course consists of several modules as listed below:

The Mental Status Examination

Clinical Masters Course; Physical examination and introduction to clinical reasoning (conducted in the clinical skills centers with simulated patients)

Physical Diagnosis Hamad Medical Corporation clinical visits


Public Health Field Trips

Introduction to Health Systems

The curriculum involves lectures, post-lecture videoconferences, clinical sessions, seminars, small group sessions which take place at the campus. Students are taken on field trips at various sites.

The course assessment is based on attendance, participation in small groups and seminars, the quality of written reports and write-ups, and performance on oral, written, and practical examinations. The final grade for the course is Pass/Fail.

For more information and a detailed description of the course, please refer to the Medicine, Patients and Society II Syllabus.

Course Director: Stella C. Major, MBBS 

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