Second Year-Phase 1

2017-2018 Academic Calendar  
2018-2019 Academic Calendar  

Health, Illness and Disease II 

Winter/Spring Year I; Fall Year II

The second year of the curriculum, Health, Illness and Disease II, bridges Essential Principles of Medicine and the clinical clerkships. Students examine how various parts of the human body normally function, how they malfunction, how these malfunctions can be diagnosed and treated, and how these treatments affect society and the practice of medicine. The segment is organized by organ or organ system, with consideration of the interactions among the systems. The three themes of science, physicianship, and patient care introduced in Essential Principles of Medicine continue to guide the curriculum.

  •  Science domains acquaint students with basic science principles.
  •  Patient care teaches clinical skills.
  •  Physicianship focuses on professionalism, ethics and humanism.