Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) is a daunting yet important area of professional practice. To support EBM courses and research, the Distributed eLibrary has acquired a new database called JAMA Evidence providing helpful EBM-related resources as you search for the evidence.

The word ‘database’ may inspire images of a journal-searching platform such as PubMed or Web of Science, where one goes to find articles. JAMAEvidence could be better described as an interactive toolbox. Some of the key features of JAMAEvidence include:

  • Ability to create My JAMAEvidence profile, which allows you to bookmark textbook pages and save personally created data;
  • Full-text access to Users' Guides to the Medical Literature: A Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice, 2nd Edition and The Rational Clinical Examination: Evidence-Based Clinical Diagnosis, two core EBM textbooks published by JAMA.;

(Note that either title is also available for access through PearlCat).

  • PowerPoint Education guides and a glossary that reinforce basic EBM concepts and introduce advanced topics;
  • Interactive Critically Appraised Topics (CATs) and information cycle worksheets that can be printed, edited, and saved;
  • PICO-building question wizard to help with formulating a valid clinical query, which can be printed, edited, and saved;
  • Keep up with EBM trends and JAMA news with weekly RSS news feeds and podcasts.

If JAMAEvidence sounds like a good way to assist with learning or practicing EBM, then why not give it a try? JAMAEvidence can be accessed through the Delib website via the database list and PearlCat search (keyword: JAMAEvidence).

Jessica Browning