First Year
Course ID Course Credits
BIOG 1101 Introduction to Biology I (Lecture & Lab) 4 credits
CHEM 2080 General Chemistry (Lecture & Lab) 4 credits
BIOG 2000 Special Studies in Biology 2 credits
BIOG 4000 Undergraduate Seminar in Biology (Discussion) 2 credit
ENG 1111 First-Year Writing Seminar 3 credits
Total Credits 15 credits


Course ID Course Credits
BIOG 1102 Introduction to Biology II (Lecture & Lab) 4 credits
CHEM 3570 Organic chemistry for the Life Sciences (lecture) 3 credits
ENG 1111 First Year Writing Seminar 3 credits
PHYS 2299 Fundamentals of Physics for Premedical Students 4 credits
Total Credits 14 credits

First Year Pre-medical  First Year Pre-medical  First Year Pre-medical

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